Who We Are

By knowing who we are as a college, we can clearly communicate it through visual, written, and oral communication means. The following should anchor all branding and communication decisions.

The following statements define why CLA exists, what we do, and how we do it. Additionally, this page summarizes the college’s values and voice, helpful when determining tone in written communication. Finally, this page offers the narrative story and elevator pitch of our value as an organization.


The reason we exist 
We apply our creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to advance the human experience.


What we do 
We create and extend knowledge and artistry that develops reflective citizens and confident leaders.


Our aspiration 
Be a central part of every CSU student’s experience, and be the most innovative, engaged College of Liberal Arts at a public, land-grant institution.


Be courageous and determined

Be curious

Be empathetic

Engage with our communities and the world

Create knowledge, research, and artistry

Develop wisdom

Advocate for equity and justice

Pursue excellence

Evoke emotion


How we sound when we write






... which all combine to support an overall tone of



The College of Liberal Arts Story

The disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts have educated, inspired, and transformed learners at CSU for 150 years. From literary magazines to marching band, philosophy to economics, the skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, self-expression, creative inquiry and production are practical, universal, and applicable in all realms of life. These skills and this knowledge equip people to be confident, thoughtful leaders in multiple arenas and a variety of professions.

At CLA at CSU, we learn, explore, and question what, where, when, why, how, and who regarding the human experience.

This questioning leads to:

  • understanding and wisdom that informs our modern lives, and which we pass along and share with others;
  • challenging existing structures to better serve all people;
  • creating and building something new or better, something inspirational and meaningful.

We believe that education can open doors to opportunity.

We believe that a well-functioning democracy needs citizens who...

  • are broadly educated,
  • explore others’ perspectives,
  • have the ability to investigate why a system or structure
    or knowledge set exists,
  • ask what might be done to improve the human experience,
  • create art that evokes powerful emotions.

In the College of Liberal Arts, we