Logos & Signatures

The anchor of all visual design is the Colorado State University signature. While used synonymously with logo or mark, the University’s branding website does differentiate.

Our logo, signature, and mark standards are based on those in the University’s Style Guide, and all usage must adhere to these brand guidelines.



The Ram’s Head is the University’s official logo. It can be paired with the word mark, signature, or unit identifiers, or exist as a standalone piece of art in limited cases. It is best practice for the logo to appear with a signature or word mark in external communications.

The Ram’s Head is a registered trademark and cannot be altered. It should only be applied to a clean and contrasting background.

Download approved file formats and review application specifics on the CSU brand website.



The CSU signature is the University’s primary mark and used on almost all communications. It was designed with a networked brand structure in mind. The signature is the base of unit identifiers that allow units around CSU brand themselves. See below for more details on unit identifiers.

Use the CSU signature when designing materials that involve multiple entities from around the University instead of stacking unit identifiers. The CSU signature is also appropriate for formal communication like memos or letters. Like the Ram’s Head, the signature should not be altered in any way as it is a registered trademark.

Download linear and stacked versions of the CSU signature on the CSU brand website.

Word Mark


The CSU Word Mark is the official rendering of the words “Colorado State University.” After being the primary mark at CSU for more than 30 years, it is now reserved for formal University communication and external signage.

Only the linear version of the word mark is available. Download available files on the CSU brand website. 

Unit Identifier

A variation of the CSU signature, unit identifiers give units around the University top billing while making it clear that they are part of the larger CSU brand. Unit identifiers should be used on all department and college communications.

Application Requirements

A signature should always be used against a clean and contrasting background

Maintain the clear space around the signature. Design files have a bounding box where no other design elements may interfere

Minimum size for unit identifiers is 2.5 inches (all files are saved at the smallest allowable size)

Unit identifiers are available in two arrangements, horizontal and vertical, to accommodate a variety of sizes and orientations. Download the unit identifier for your department/unit below.

If your unit does not have a unit identifier or you're not affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts and need access to these files, please contact Nicolle McMurray or Beth Etter.

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