VBL Components


The anchor of all visual design is the Colorado State University signature. While used synonymously with logo or mark, the University’s branding website does differentiate.

Second to the iconic Ram’s Head, “green and gold” is the backbone of Colorado State University’s visual brand – it's even in our fight song!


The College of Liberal Arts has three fonts as part of our core brand identity, each with different uses:

In line with the CSU illustrative style, the College illustration look is clean and modern. Our iconography is designed with an outline aesthetic, with thin lines and limited detail accents. These icons can be used in any color, but the white space integral to this design should remain in place. Limit the amount of fill color.


There’s no better visual representation of life at Colorado State than photography. Images of campus and our people can convey more than just subject matter. Used appropriately, photos can enhance what you’re trying to communicate by evoking emotion, setting context, and anchoring our sense of space and place.

VBL Resources


The College has an array of templates using our visual brand that you’re able to apply to your department or unit communications, including PowerPoints, letterhead, and email signatures.

Website Management

Our department websites are designed using a WordPress plugin called Beaver Builder that allows for easy application of the CLA VBL online. If you’re a site manager needing help to implement the brand on your site, contact the CLA Web Team.

Note: Some department websites were designed using the 2015 version of the VBL. While some changes have been made across department sites to merge the two VBLs, site managers should reference the IT site for questions about accessibility, color, and patterns from the 2015 version.