To assist in brand implementation, the College has several templates available for download including digital and print assets.

  • Digital: E-mail signatures, PowerPoint presentations, digital screen advertising, and virtual backgrounds
  • Print: Letterhead, posters, flyers, and brochures

For questions or inquiries for additional templates, contact CLA Communications.


Email Signatures

The college follows branding guidelines for e-mail signatures set by University Marketing and Communications. Key information in a signature includes name, title/role, department/unit name, address, and contact information. Pair this information with the PNG transparent version of your unit identifier.

Additional signature content that is approved by the university are the official equal-opportunity statement, official social media account promotion, admissions, event ticket sales, or fundraising.

To keep your signature accessible, all information should be available in HTML text form (and not a pasted image). Limit graphics in your e-mail signature to the unit identifier.

Firstname Lastname
Official Job Title

P: (970) 491-XXXX | C: (XXX) XXX-XXXX XXXX
Streetname | Fort Collins, CO 80523
@socialmedia, pronouns, office hours


Create a brand-compliant presentation quickly by using one of the available PowerPoint presentation templates. In addition to a college-wide PPT option, templates were created for each discipline using color recommendations from University MarComm.


Digital Screen Advertising

The College offers free advertising in Clark and Eddy to departments, programs, and CLA affiliated student organizations. Digital screens are a good opportunity to reach the thousands of people who visit our buildings every week.

Download Digital Screen Advertising

Additional templates are available on Canva.com. If your department would like access to the Canva templates, contact Nicolle McMurray at Nicolle.McMurray@colostate.edu.


Virtual Backgrounds

Add CLA branding to your video calls by downloading virtual backgrounds. There are versions in green and white so you can pick a backdrop that doesn't clash with your apparel.

Additionally, there are versions that are mirrored. Depending on your settings, the video call platform might "flip" your image. Our flipped versions allow you to always ensure that the CLA logo is facing the right direction.

Note: Teams will show you a mirrored version of yourself. The other people on the call will not see what you see, so we recommend using the non-flipped versions for MS Teams calls.



Letterhead & Memo Templates

The following templates allow campus users to create letters and memos within Microsoft Word.

To ensure full use of the page, these files are designed with branding marks in the header and footer. When typing in the main body of the page, header and footer content appears faded. However, these areas print and save in full color.

Posters, Flyers, and Brochures

Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event or wanting to create a leave-behind piece for a conference or fair, we have templates for external promotion. Templates available in PowerPoint and InDesign formats.


Business Cards and CSU Branded Office Supplies

Please visit the CSU Online Stationery website to order official university business cards, letterhead, envelopes, notepads, and more.