College Brand

This website is a resource for the College of Liberal Arts community to help understand and implement the college brand

What is a brand?

The business definition: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

But a brand is more than a logo, a set of colors, and fonts 

Our brand is the stories, experiences, and attributes that define Colorado State University. It is the sum of all the interactions our audience – students, alumni, fans, community members – has with CSU. It is the feeling we leave them with. It is what they say about us to their friends. It is why they choose us.

- University Marketing & Communications,

Why should we follow brand guidelines?

CSU is a universe of colleges, departments, divisions, and centers with a variety of individual and group missions. Yet, each of these many and varied parts share in the combined strength of Colorado State University's reputation for excellence.

The CLA brand, while distinctive, is built on the CSU brand.

By following brand standards of CSU and CLA – both visually and written – you will:

  • Contribute to and benefit from the credibility of being part of CSU
  • Easily signal to internal and external partners that you’re associated with CSU
  • Increase awareness and shareability with other units/departments
  • Simplify design decisions by working within a framework

All communications (save for a few very internal documents) must use the CLA/CSU brand. If you have questions about the brand or how to implement, please contact CLA Communications.